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Although there's not much better than getting to work alongside my husband most days, I have definitely discovered a humbling niche and passion in my boudoir photography. I'm excited to offer a more intimate portraiture experience for women (and men!) who could benefit from a serious boost in confidence. Whether a romantic gift for your sweetheart or a gift of self-love, I believe every woman deserves a chance to feel breathtaking and see herself in a new light.







I'm lucky enough to not just sell products, but to sell a very unique experience. I get to watch a person come through the doors feeling nervous, self-conscious, and maybe apprehensive, but help them leave laughing with their head a little higher and a new strut in their step. There is a moment in every session where I notice my client letting go of their stress with work or chores at home, forgetting about their stretch marks from the baby they just had, forgetting their pre-wedding nerves or breakup woes, shedding society's expectations of them and their own insecurities, and instead remembering, "Hey! I AM sexy!"

I love doing boudoir because I get to help women dig back out their confidence for a living.


With magazines and social media constantly shoving impeccable-looking women in our faces every day, it’s easy to make comparisons between yourself and what you’re seeing. But here’s what we don’t think about: These women had a team of professionals do their hair and makeup. A professional set up powerful lights to create a flattering glow. That photographer spends thousands of dollars a year on cameras, lenses, and editing softwares. These women were placed in flattering poses and shot from flattering angles. Someone spent hours zoomed in to smooth skin, whiten teeth, eliminate fly-away hairs and cellulite, and this list goes on and on. Without all this, these women don’t have anything you don’t have. You deserve to feel pampered just as much as any celebrity.


Before starting my journey as a boudoir photographer, I did a lot of research on other boudoir photographers' methods. I even hired a higher-end boudoir photographer to do my own session so that I could learn more about the client's perspective! I discovered several reoccurring issues throughout this learning process, and strived to do better. I knew I wanted to be available to all budgets, so my packages start at just $199, and go all the way to $2125. I also noticed that all boudoir photographers charge for individual photos, AFTER you've already paid for your session fee. While every professional should do their business as they see fit, I have trouble seeing the fairness in this. Except for my "Tease" sessions, every client receives all of her edited photos for free, sent over digitally. Purchasing extra books or prints afterwards is optional.


None of my boudoir sessions are exactly alike, because none of my clients are exactly alike! Before your session, we'll chat to make sure you get the personalized experience you're looking for. If this is a gift for your special someone, I'll ask you about their interests so we can plan out props. I'll learn about what styles inspire you. I also give each client a helpful guide on finding outfits, hair and makeup, location ideas, and all the rest! What every client CAN expect is a lot of fun, pampering, and probably some really bright lights. Oh- and beautiful photos to keep as a forever-long reminder that there's a little goddess in you.


"I don't feel naturally sexy and am worried about being awkward."

Good news! That's what I'm here for! Posing scantily-clad in front of a camera may sound daunting, but even my most self-doubting clients start to feel relaxed after a few shots. I will pose you head to toe in ways that are flattering to your body type, and I carefully select a playlist of songs meant to loosen you up. So, relax! There is no specific brand of sexy. Strong can be sexy. Funny can be sexy. Pregnancy can be sexy. Modesty can be sexy. Being sexy isn't all about having a certain cup size and a tiny waist!

"Are my photos safe?"

Absolutely. I photograph you alone, I edit your photos alone, and I will never share your photos (unless we have a prior written agreement or model release). I understand how important it is to have a boudoir photographer you can trust. This means your photos are handled with respect and discretion every step of the way.

"Do I have to be in lingerie or nude?"

Absolutely not! If you prefer to refrain from showing too much skin, booking a boudoir session can still be a liberating experience! I strive to produce all tasteful and classy images even for those clients who choose to take it all off, but you will never, ever be pressured to do anything out of your comfort zone. Sexiness does not have to equal nudity.

"There are certain parts of my body I don't like."

In the past, clients have asked me photograph them in a way that leaves out a specific part of the body, or to edit out scars, stretch marks, etc. This is your shoot and I will happily do whatever is in my means (and is reasonable, of course!) to accommodate your concerns! Having said that, I also hope that every client knows that we are ALL too self-critical. When you don't seek society's approval, you are at your most powerful!

"Can I bring a friend with me?"

You can! But I highly recommend being absolutely certain that this is a friend you feel 100% comfortable posing in front of. If you think you would be even the slightest bit more shy with them there, this could seriously impact your boudoir experience. On another note, I have had friends do boudoir sessions together for discounted rates! Just ask me about my Friends-with-Benefits Sessions and I'll give you the deets.

"How old do I have to be for this?"

I prefer all my boudoir clients be 21 or over, but if you're really wanting a boudoir session and are at least 18 years old, shoot me a message and let's discuss! Social Shot offers plenty of other photographing styles for minors back on our home page.

"Where are you located?"

We have recently relocated to St. Louis, but still have a large client base in both Springfield and Peoria, Illinois. Most of my boudoir clients are somewhere between Chicago and St. Louis, but wherever you are, send me a message and we'll work out the details!


"I was a bit terrified. I had no where near the level of confidence I desired, I wasn't comfortable with what I saw in the mirror, and I simply thought I wouldn't be able to give Bri the shots she wanted. I couldn't have been more wrong. This experience was one of the best in my life. Bri is a PHENOMENAL person and photographer and I wouldn't have wanted to do this with anyone else. She flushed all of my insecurities down the toilet and made me feel like I could run the world. She made this shoot everything I could have wanted and then some. I cannot recommend Bri ENOUGH to anyone. If any of you have thought about doing something like this but have been hesitating, STOP HESITATING."

"Thank you so much! The photos are STUNNING! I absolutely love your work... So nice to meet you and work with you. You are so down to earth and sweet! It was such a fun experience, and I look forward to recommending you to my girlfriends and maybe another shoot in the future! I appreciate it so much!"

"My husband loved the pictures so much, and honestly, so did I. I have never looked at pictures of myself so much before in my life!"

"Bri did an amazing job. I want to thank her sooo much for making me feel so comfortable and making me laugh! I was so scared at first but instantly became relaxed!!"

"Ahhhh thank you so so so much!!!!! I am so excited about these and appreciate how amazing you were during the session and how quickly you got them back! I seriously can't thank you enough! You are incredible!"

"I absolutely love my photos and had so much fun doing it! I'd love to do one of these again!!!!"

"I love them tons!!!! I'm so excited to make the book. The whole process was an absolute blast."

"You just totally boosted my confidence. I had an absolute BLAST working with you, and would love to do it again sometime. So thank you!!!"

"They look amazing! I seriously love them and have honestly never felt so sexy. Thank you so much."

"I'm obsessed. I want to cry I'm so happy. I'm in love with all of them... EXACTLY what I wanted!!"

"You were absolutely phenomenal! I can't believe how much fun I had and you made that happen! You are most certainly a master of your craft, Bri! You made her birthday more than she could have imagined. I can't tell you how absolutely amazing those pictures are. Simply can't thank you enough."





Can't wait to meet you!

xoxo Bri

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